Things seem to be getting worse and worse for Christine Blasey Ford.

And for the Democrats.

Ford’s allegations have almost completely faded in the zoo this whole process has become, Republicans bending over backward to accommodate Ford so she can testify, Ford hemming and hawing through her team of obviously biased and politically powerful attorneys, witnesses denying her story (one doesn’t even KNOW Kavanaugh) …

It’s a serious mess.

Kimberley Strassel shared even more details from a WaPo reporter’s email she received from a source that further discredits and undercuts Ford’s claims:

A week ago.

WaPo knew who this other witness was over a week ago.

Key point here.


Say what indeed.

It’s hard to stick with one account when you’re not telling the truth.

Because like others in traditional media, WaPo cares more about the narrative than the actual story.

Wait, what now?

All we can do at this point is just shake our heads.

Of course.

When people tell the truth their stories don’t shift.

All of these folks have some serious ‘splainin’ to do.


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