We’ve spent the last couple of weeks listening to Democrats tell us how much they believe women … but it only seems they believe certain women. Karen Monahan, the woman who has accused Keith Ellison of assault has been threatened, ignored, and smeared by her own party.

You know, the Democrats.

Seems to us if they want us to #BelieveWomen they should set the example, especially with this development.

From The Daily Caller:

The ex-girlfriend accusing Democratic Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison of domestic abuse told her doctor in 2017 about alleged “emotional and physical abuse” from Ellison, according to a document the woman published Wednesday.

Karen Monahan’s account in the doctor’s report is consistent with what she has been saying publicly since August: that Ellison was emotionally and physically abusive to her while the two were dating.

Continued …

Monahan wrote Wednesday that Ellison declined any meeting with her as part of the investigation.

“I told the investigator I would be happy to talk with @keithellison [with] them in the room. They asked Keith if he would be willing [and] he declined any meeting [with] me,” she wrote.

Monahan’s son Austin Aslim Monahan first aired the allegations against Ellison on Aug. 11 and claimed to have seen evidence of Ellison’s abuse.

Why wouldn’t Ellison agree to meet with the doctor?


Wrong letter by his name.

Democrats should just admit they only believe CERTAIN women.


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