Michael Cohen apparently wanted everyone to know that he provided critical information to Mueller without a cooperation agreement and that no one should question his honesty, veracity, or loyalty to his family or his country.

At least that’s what he accidentally tweeted about himself.

Appears he deleted it after he sent it.

That’s not a bad idea.


Twitchy is SUPER rad and they write b*tchin’ headlines and stories that everyone should read and share. Now if we can just get Ben Shapiro to tweet that and pretend he actually wrote it.


Lanny Davis to the rescue!

Keep in mind, Lanny is good pals with Hillary Clinton, so he’s an expert when it comes to faking it.


Lanny to the rescue again.

And dude, that’s not how Twitter works.

Nice try, Lanny.

But he says he’s not.

Can’t. Stop. Laughing.

Hey man, this editor does that sometimes.

Aaaaaand it’s official, we can’t even.


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