C’mon, even if you’re a Democrat you have to admit at THIS POINT the amount of BS being pulled with Ford’s accusations against Kavanaugh is absolutely ridiculous. How can anyone expect the Senate Judiciary to take any of these people seriously, especially when they can’t even see her original letter uncensored?

Senator John Cornyn tweeted about it:

But it’s the Republican’s fault still, right?

GOP hates women?

Something like that?

Color us shocked.

If Democrats were serious about getting to the bottom of Ford’s accusations they wouldn’t have sat on the letter for two months.

We already know this was not done in good faith.

But that didn’t keep the harpies from shrieking at John for DARING to ask for an important piece of evidence:



FBI has already declined but we know the Left needs to believe it’s the evil GOP keeping the FBI from doing its job so … eh.

That’s. Not. How. This. Works.

In Texas.


Ok, maybe we’ve grown cynical over the years but the moment someone starts demanding a politician demonstrate moral decency we tune out.



You know what, we can’t even.


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