‘Knocked the EFF out’! Chris Hayes’ theory on pro-life being ‘invested’ in Kavanaugh gets TORPEDOED by Ben Shapiro

Posted at 10:26 am on September 21, 2018 by Sam Janney

Chris Hayes seems to think there is an ulterior motive behind support for Brett Kavanaugh, and that it’s a particular group who is ‘extremely invested’ in his confirmation.


Besides the fact that Chris’ tweet is just silly in general, Kavanaugh has said on countless occasions that Roe is settled law. How many more times does he need to tell the frothy-mouthed pro-aborts that he’s not gunning for Roe?

Not to mention that even is somehow Roe was overturned, all that would happen is abortion would be relegated to the states to decide.


But you know, OUTRAGE.

Ben Shapiro used Chris’ own logic against him, and it’s perfect.

Weird indeed.

Would seem those who are extremely supportive of abortion are extremely invested in making sure Kavanaugh isn’t seated.

Funny how that works out.

They are trying to ruin his life based on their own assumptions, even though the judge has said many times that Roe is settled.



We personally hope he chooses to strike Obamacare, oh, and the 17th amendment.

C’mon man, we’re not supposed to question their hysteria.




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