Senator Mazie Hirono has been working SO HARD to make a name for herself with this Kavanaugh confirmation. It must be really hard to try and keep some of the ‘spotlight’ when you’re competing with Dianne Feinstein, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, and Sheldon Whitehouse.

We’re just kidding on Sheldon, no one really pays attention to him anyway which made that funny.

This time, Mazie claims she has a letter signed by 1000 alumnae of Holton Arms in support and solidarity with Ford that she will be submitting into the Committee record, even though the letter is really just a nothing-burger.

Sorta like the original letter.

Great, they support her, but did they know her? Did they see what happened? Did they go to school when she did? Unless this letter has some sort of real evidence we don’t see how this is much more than a puff piece and a political gimmie for Mazie.

But then again, that’s what most of this debacle has been about anyway, a political gimmie.



But tell us how you really feel, Steve.



That. ^

Apparently, Mazie thinks it’s proof because she’s submitting it to Committee.



Yes, let’s get down to the facts, please.

It’s time.

Enough with these political games.


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