Earlier today, Twitchy covered the ‘rumor’ that information had been obtained that some felt would 100% exonerate Kavanaugh. This originally stemmed from tweets Ed Whelan sent out in the first part of this week.

Welp, looks like Ed made good on his claim and posted a thread of facts that would give anyone pause as to what really did and did not happen to Ford and could eventually prove Kavanaugh’s innocence.

Keep in mind, we can neither confirm nor deny anything Whelan has stated in his bombshell thread … have fun:


Hard to disprove a fact that doesn’t exist.


*more popcorn*

*adds salt and more popcorn*


The plot thickens.


Democrats want to win at any cost.


Bottom line, this could all just be educated guesses but … then again …


And who knows what is and isn’t factual with Ford’s testimony.

Considering that Ford has finally agreed to testify, this is going to get LIT.

Editor’s note: This editor chose to leave certain tweets out of this thread as she doesn’t believe it was prudent to even insinuate another person may have sexually assaulted Ford. If you want to see the entire thread it is currently available on Twitter.


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