Megyn Kelly has HAD IT with the theatrics around the Kavanaugh nomination.

We’re right there with her.

Seriously, who does she think she IS?!

From Mediaite:

Kelly eventually made it clear that she wants Ford to testify, and thinks Ford will regret it later if she doesn’t take the opportunity in front of her. However, she noted that the politicalization of Kavanaugh’s confirmation was unavoidable, and since Ford’s allegation became political by default, Kelly wondered how Ford can think she can set the terms while getting swept into the flurry.

“She’s not in charge of the U.S. Senate!” Kelly said.


Not to mention Megyn was less than friendly with Trump during the debates.

She is about as objective as you can get these days.

It’s easy for the Left to get all fussy about clearly partisan folks calling Ford OUT … it’s hard for them to combat what a fairly unbiased and objective original anti-Trumper like Megyn has to say about it.

Which makes this even more legit.


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