When even the HuffPost can’t spin your credibility …

Big thanks to Jeremiah here for breaking it down for us because we were specifically told there would be no math.

One of the more interesting pieces from this poll is looking at the Independents, which we know will be a huge decider in the upcoming midterms. Only 19% of Independents think Ford is credible.

That’s not a great sign for our buddies on the Left.

Also of note is only 1 in four women think Ford is credible, others don’t think she’s credible at all, they need to hear more, or they’re not sure.

If you’d like to see for yourself.

Agreed. We thought for SURE more women would find her credible. At least that’s what the Left keeps telling us.

That too.

Oh, and did we mention they surveyed more women than men? See what we mean? Trouble for Ford.

Seems Democrat’s ‘Hail Mary’ may have been a huge interception.


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