Valerie Jarrett shared Lisa Banks’ statement about Ford basically refusing to testify as a means to shame the GOP. Even though the GOP has bent over backward to try and accommodate Ford in any way they can so she can comfortably testify in a timely manner.

Somehow they’re still the bad guys.

Democrats. Where is your humanity and decency? Stop exploiting this woman who you traumatized by sitting on her accusations for two months until you could use her as a Hail Mary. Vote and do right by the American people.

See Valerie, we can do it too.

Ben Shapiro, of course, did it better.


And basically.

Democrats have zero credibility with this whole case, mainly because they sat on it for two months. Not to mention that when they finally did produce the letter and passed it on to the FBI, the FBI wasn’t interested in investigating it further.

Which probably threw a wrench in their master plan.

Ben absolutely triggered the Resistance with this one:

We’re starting to wonder if some of these folks can even tie their own shoes.

Admit it, you rolled your eyes.

And they think they’re clever.

Poor things.


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