No need to complicate matters when it comes to Ford’s allegations against Kavanaugh.

Seems everyone and their dog has something to say about it other than Ford herself.

Even more important is the fact that Ford is the only person who has not given any form of a statement under oath. Hey, we’re not the smart ones who figured it out, Charles C.W. Cooke did:

Huh. You’d think if Ford was serious about these allegations she’d be the first to make a statement under oath.

Just spitballin’.

Also, please note Charles is responding to the same person Benny Johnson was in the story about Ford’s lawyer … still locked.


It falls on her to make her case. Yup.

Whoa, we did not know that.

Side note, we can’t say for certain that this is the tweet that is being ‘protected’ to which Charles is responding, but this screenshot does seem relevant.

Interesting, yes?

And refuses to testify unless the FBI investigates the incident – the SAME incident she can’t remember when it happened or what time or who was involved.


Anyone else feel like they’re taking crazy pills?


Wow, this looks BAD! Dr. Ford’s lawyer is all but DESTROYING her own client’s credibility (and case!)

HA! Does this tweet from Chuck Schumer about Ford and Kavanaugh (and Garland?) REEK of defeat or WHAT

In other words, SHE LIED: Ford classmate who backpedaled about Kavanaugh incident says she will NOT testify

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