Chris Matthews accidentally tweeted something all too telling earlier when he was trying to pretend Ford not testifying would somehow hurt Trump. He alluded to the idea of her going on 60 minutes right before the midterms … all but admitting this has been political from the get-go.

Of course, we all knew that already.

Ford’s attorney, Lisa Banks, has refused to even respond to Chief Counsel for the Senate Judiciary about the allegations and has instead been doing interviews on TV.

Remember, narrative, not justice.

Unfortunately, we are unable to see the tweet Benny is responding to because that person has locked down for some reason.

Democrats are trying to build campaign talking points for the midterms at this point – if they can stall Kavanaugh that’s icing on the cake.

If Ford has been telling the truth, no one has victimized her more than the Democratic party.

They’ve used her and exploited her for their own gain.

So what else is new?


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