Chris Matthews is probably the LAST person who we should look to for commentary when it comes to the Kavanaugh-Ford ‘situation’. Interesting how the guy who faced his own accusations of sexual harassment thinks he has any moral or high ground here … and to somehow blame Trump?

He seems to think she’d rather tell her story on 60 minutes, which says so much about what the end goal has always been here.

Narrative, not justice.

Chris has his own story that won’t go away, but we digress.


Gold star for the Python reference.

That’s really the grossest part of all of this. Democrats going after Kavanaugh are doing so because it’s Trump who nominated him. It’s always been about hurting and or stopping the president, not filling a vacant SCOTUS seat.

They know it. We know it. They know we know it. And yet they keep pretending that they really care about Ford.

Like we said, gross.

Not so much about bravery as it is campaigning for the midterms.

Perhaps that tingle up Chris’ leg years ago fried his brain a little.