Cristina King Miranda, Christine Blasey Ford’s former classmate who originally claimed she knew about the Kavanaugh-Ford incident, has not only backpedaled on her claim but told NPR that she would not testify before the committee if asked.

Yes, she talked to NPR after she made a big deal about not giving any more interviews to the press.



Miranda said staff from the Senate Judiciary Committee had reached out to her, something she was not expecting. She said she will not go through with a committee interview if asked. (wow…)

Miranda says in high school she played soccer with Ford — whom she refers to as Chrissy — and that she continues to support her. Miranda added that despite not knowing specifics of what went on at the party three decades ago, she remembers that there was a “buzz” that went around the weekend of the party in question about an alleged incident involving students from her school and Kavanaugh’s.

She had no idea that she’d have to back up her accusations.

Fixed it for her.

So basically she heard a rumor that a party was CRAZY that weekend, but that’s it.

No wonder Feinstein sat on this nonsense for two months, there is just nothing here.


She will not testify.

But we’re supposed to believe her non-specific story about hearing a buzz and feeling gravity.


And it sounds like King-Miran is running away.

Just vote and confirm the guy already, will ya’? Enough with this nonsense.


IT HURTS TRUMP! Chris Matthews’ claim about Ford NOT testifying belongs in the DERP Hall of Fame