Chuck Schumer has officially gone into whine/desperation mode about the Kavanaugh confirmation. Perhaps he’s known all along this Ford ‘Hail Mary’ wasn’t really going to work but now it’s too late, and he has to keep on pretending that this isn’t just another embarrassing loss for the Democrats.

Notice how Chuck leaves out the fact that Ford requesting an FBI check isn’t how this works, and that the Democrats had knowledge of her accusations for two months and did nothing with them. Notice how he also leaves out once the FBI was finally given the information they decided themselves NOT to investigate it.

We realize the Left has gotten used to weaponizing federal agencies against those they hate, but that’s just not how this works.

And like Chuck said, give us a break.


If she wants to make her case she’s been offered a number of various ways to do so … and she still refuses.

Boom and diggity.

Time to git ‘r done, folks. VOTE.


In other words, SHE LIED: Ford classmate who backpedaled about Kavanaugh incident says she will NOT testify

IT HURTS TRUMP! Chris Matthews’ claim about Ford NOT testifying belongs in the DERP Hall of Fame