Rep. Eric Swalwell is an idjit.

Sorry, not sorry.

Earlier this morning, Eric took it upon himself to taunt Senator Susan Collins talking about the threats and ugly voicemails her office has received around Kavanaugh. You’d think since Democrats are trying to sell the idea that they care about and believe all women that they would be up in arms over the way Susan is being treated. Apparently, that’s not the case.

We grabbed Eric’s tweet before he cowardly deleted it so you can see the original copy grabbed in the code.

If you’d like to see the picture evidence of his tweet you can see it here though:

Tweets live FOREVER, Eric.

And what an as*hole.

Jake Tapper calling Eric out is probably what inspired him to delete it.


Oh BS, Eric.

What did he mean exactly by ‘boo hoo hoo’? And hey, he’s pissed so it’s ok that he was a complete jerk to Susan.


Whatever pal. We know who you are.

What a perfect sideways dig.

Not soon enough.


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