As Twitchy readers know, Chuck Grassley wrote a very detailed and poignant letter to Senate Democrats all but calling them out over the ridiculous theatre they’ve made of Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Top of his list was Ford’s unredacted letter, which it seems none of them have seen yet.

Chuck also took to Twitter …

Ok, so it’s good that he’s being consistent with his message but every time we see a legislator tweet we can’t help but think of that meme of Steve Buscemi walking around trying to fit in with the hip, young crowd. This would have only been better if he’d actually have tagged her in it.

Not that she actually acknowledged the GOP’s requests anyway …

Notice the timing on her tweet, not quite an hour after Grassley.

Sideways much?

And why is Dianne resisting giving up the unredacted letter anyway? Why are Democrats not helping move testimony forward so Ford can possibly see some justice?

Gosh, it’s all starting to sound like a big ol’ nothing-burger of a stall tactic.

Nothing about any FBI investigation will ever change the fact that she did indeed SIT on these accusations for two months.

Tough crowd.

Oh, and then this:

Dianne is doing her best to cast doubt on the GOP because she knows Ford’s credibility is definitely in question.

If she still refuses to testify it’s time to vote, folks.


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