Remember a couple of weeks back when Cory Booker had his so-called ‘Spartacus moment’ by releasing documents that had already been okayed for release?

You know T-Bone was proud.

But we can’t help but wonder what T-Bone thinks about this little tidbit about his buddy, Spartacus.

From Booker’s own 1992 column via Fox News:

“New Year’s Eve 1984 I will never forget. I was 15. As the ball dropped, I leaned over to hug a friend and she met me instead with an overwhelming kiss. As we fumbled upon the bed, I remember debating my next ‘move’ as if it were a chess game,” Booker wrote in the student-run Stanford Daily newspaper in 1992.

“With the ‘Top Gun’ slogan ringing in my head, I slowly reached for her breast. After having my hand pushed away once, I reached my ‘mark,’” he continued, without explaining what he meant by “mark.”

“Our groping ended soon and while no ‘relationship’ ensued, a friendship did. You see, the next week in school she told me that she was drunk that night and didn’t really know what she was doing,” he added.


Booker is a Democrat, for some reason they’re allowed to be disgusting.

Almost like he was bragging about it.


Hey, we didn’t write it.

We just used it in our article and laughed about it.

Time to DEMAND an FBI investigation!

That’s how this works, right?


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