If this Kavanaugh chaos has taught us ANYTHING it’s that the media and the Left will say and do anything they can to promote a certain narrative and agenda, no matter who it hurts or the damage it does to this country.

All that matters to these people is power and they are clearly desperate to keep it.

For days we were told it was bullying to want Ford to testify, and now that she’s finally agreed to testify (sorta) the media is front and center pushing the idea that she won’t get a fair shake because evil white men will be questioning her.

Stupid, right?

Oh it’s ok, they’re just trashing white men. *eye roll*

Look at this crap.

This. Is. Why. Trump. Won.


Well, at least it’s not 12 white men, right?

OMG, who takes these people seriously?!

Because clearly white men can’t jump.

Wait, that’s something else.

Never mind.

Shall we remind Jim of how many old white people Democrats ran in 2016?




Twitter, never change.


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