Jamil Smith seems to think the GOP doesn’t care either way if Dr. Ford was sexually assaulted.

Forget that they have bent over backward to give her an opportunity to be heard. They’ve been nothing but supportive and accommodating, but the narrative that evil white men in the GOP want to destroy women must be pushed at all costs.

That being said, Rolling Stone should probably sit this one out … just sayin’.



Maybe Jamil forgot about that one? Yikes.

It is laughable and not in a funny way.

Wildly inaccurate is their motto these days.

What’s to understand? He’s pushing a narrative that doesn’t exist anywhere except in his head and maybe on bumper stickers at the DNC.


Paging Keith Ellison …

We’re so shocked we can barely write this article.

That’s what we said.

We’d be able to take Jamil and most of the Left more seriously if their concerns about women who may have been sexually assaulted weren’t based on the letter by their names.

Sorry, not sorry.


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