Welp, word through the grapevine is that Twitter has locked James Woods’ account.

Being that he’s not suspended it’s hard to tell just looking at his account because when someone is locked they just can’t tweet. Plus a lock is usually dependent on the user deleting the so-called offensive tweet or tweets and then sets a certain amount of time for the lock.

If James is indeed locked the tweet it is rumored he was locked over is ridiculous …

Would appear said tweet is from way back in July which means if he was indeed reported he was targeted; we’re also going to guess they ‘got’ him for saying liberal insanity, claiming it was targeting a group.


We did reach out to James Woods via DM to verify that he was locked and have not heard back YET … but looking at his timeline and reading Sara’s tweets, we have little reason to doubt he was actually locked.

It is Twitter after all.

But Trump!

Wait, does that work here? Yeah, it sorta does.

We’ll keep you posted if and when we hear directly from James, in the meantime if you’re so inclined tweet your support for our favorite Hollywood guy.



We included the tweet that James is rumored to have been locked over.


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