We’re starting to wonder if Chris Cillizza has actually met Chris Cillizza.

Seems he doesn’t want anyone ‘weaponizing’ Cory Booker’s admitted groping when discussing allegations against Kavanaugh that have been outright denied.

He even wrote about it …

From CNN:

What we don’t need amid all of this is an epic bout of “whatboutism.” What Booker did as a teenager wasn’t right. And he has been and will be judged by voters on them. But to turn Booker into a political missile to prove hypocrisy misses the mark. This isn’t about Booker. This is about Ford, Kavanaugh, and how we, together, figure out the right way forward.

In other words, conservatives POUNCE!

Jeryl Bier of The Weekly Standard took Chris and his piece APART:


Whoda thunk it?!

Psh. Consistency is so overrated.


So. Damn. Good.

Seems that way.

No comment.


Partisan hack is gonna partisan hack.


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