It appears Media Matters tried to smear Ari Fleischer with a deliberate misquote about Kavanaugh; they were trying to make it sound like Ari would excuse someone committing sexual assault in high school because otherwise, it would deny them chances later in life.

Ari called them out.

If you watch, Ari is answering a question about the right’s reaction to what is going on with Kavanaugh and how it could impact the midterms. They asked if this would backfire on the Left and if even the Never Trumpers would come out in support. Their quote makes it look like Ari is just saying, ‘boys will be boys,’ but that’s not the context of what is being discussed.

Ari even admits if Ford is believable the right may have pause with how they vote in November.

This was sneaky and pretty damn shameless.


The Hill IS awful.


Ok, that was good.

But not quite as good as Ari dropping Media Matters in one tweet.


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