Democrats are ‘literally shaking’ since Trump called on the DOJ to declassify key FISA documents. After they’ve spent weeks lecturing Americans on the importance of transparency (in their obvious plight to stop Kavanaugh), now that said transparency could make Democrats look bad, they’re not so keen on it.

Like Adam Schiff.

Cross a red line?

Ugh, dude is seriously a Schiff for brains.

Kimberley Strassel dropped all sorts of mics on him.


In other words, put up or shut up, Schiff.

Waiting here as well.

Seriously, what is Schiff hiding?

Not to mention the media …

Seems they only want certain documents that support certain narratives declassified.

That would make this whole deal with Kavanaugh political, right?

As if we didn’t know that already.

That narrative ain’t gonna support itself.

Hmmmm is right.


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