Democrats are truly their own worst enemy these days.

Look at the mess they’ve made not only of the Kavanaugh nomination but their party in general.

From the Washington Post:

Democrats have not gone so far as to accuse Kavanaugh of perjury, although their allegations walk right up to the line. Two liberal groups, People for the American Way and the Democratic Coalition, have filed formal complaints.

Nevertheless, Durbin’s statement that there’s new evidence that Kavanaugh misled the Judiciary Committee regarding the Haynes nomination is worth Two Pinocchios.

And more …

“There is an ethical obligation to correct false testimony, and to do so explicitly,” said David Carle, Leahy’s spokesman. “One vague sentence among hundreds of pages of written responses to questions submitted six months after his hearing doesn’t correct Judge Kavanaugh’s adamant and false denials that he wasn’t involved in vetting Judge Pryor.

“Senator Leahy has never asserted that Judge Kavanaugh committed perjury. But his testimony clearly was misleading. For example, not a single senator left Kavanaugh’s 2004 hearing under the impression that he had any role in the Pryor nomination other than a standard moot session.”

This one merits Two Pinocchios for Leahy.

And still more …

Considering the context, Kavanaugh’s email in the days after 9/11 is a slim reed on which to hang an allegation of potentially misleading testimony under oath. Leahy asked whether Kavanaugh had seen or heard anything about a specific program, and Kavanaugh said no. No evidence has surfaced showing Kavanaugh knew at the time that a spying program was being developed before or after he sent the email to Yoo.

Even though Leahy is careful to say Kavanaugh “might have” misled the Senate, he’s still throwing red meat out without much to back him up, and he gets Three Pinocchios for this one.

Wow, Leahy lied … a LOT. But we knew that.

Hrm. We’re going to go with COMPLETELY full of sh*t.


Seven Pinocchios!



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