Democrats keep insisting they only care about getting to the truth with regard to the allegations brought against Brett Kavanaugh by Christine Ford. The problem is, every time Republicans concede and agree to find a way to investigate these serious accusations people like Sen. Dianne Feinstein try and find a way to push it out.

You’d think if they were truly concerned about Ford they’d want to get to the bottom of this sooner than later.

But of course we know it’s never been about helping Ford, it’s more about stalling the vote and hoping for a midterm miracle.

Look at Dianne’s statement:

What about the other people who can’t remember this incident?

Seriously, Dianne, if we rolled our eyes any further back into our heads we’d see behind us.

It’s not like these allegations just magically appeared, Dianne deliberately sat on them for months.

And now she wants more time?

Yeah, no.

If Dianne were truly that concerned about Ford she’d have brought this forward WAY before now.

Did we mention the California Democratic Party didn’t endorse Dianne?

This isn’t looking good for her.

Beyond parody indeed.


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