‘Oh good, Hillary wrote an entire thread about Trump,’ said no one, ever.

Especially if that thread includes her accusing Trump of refusing to subject himself to the law … stop laughing, she really tweeted that.

Psh, see for yourself.

Ugh, Hillary, just go away.

You lost!

Notice how she’s trying to sell her book here, once a Clinton, always a Clinton.

Hillary lost, we felt a good deal of relief; imagine the MESS she’d have made of this country already.

This. Is. AMAZING.

And not in a good way.

Hillary Clinton of ALL PEOPLE talking smack about someone refusing to subject themselves to the law. Ok gram-gram, time for your nap. Put the Twitter down.


Demonizing Democrats.

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA … ouch, our sides.

Has she NOT been paying attention to the crazy on the Left???

Stealing a SCOTUS seat?

She’s so disgusting. There’s just no other word.

We already fought back.

We voted against you.

Abolishing the electoral college.



Raise your hand if reading this thread actually enraged you to the point of painful.

This effing woman.


We can’t even.


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