As a Twitchy editor, when you’re just waking up and going through your timelines and lists on Twitter and you see Tom Arnold’s name all over the place you just KNOW something has gone down. Whether he’s picked another fight with Dan Bongino or made another foul remark to Candace Owens, it’s always something worth writing about.

But apparently, this time around Tom claims HE’S the victim.

Just FYI, in case you didn’t know (full transparency, this editor did not), Mark Burnett is the chairman of MGM Worldwide Television Group and was the producer of ‘The Apprentice.’

And wow, Tom’s tweet makes it sound like a scene from a Tarantino movie, eh? Right down to the torn, pink shirt.

About an hour later, Roma Downey (Burnett’s wife) posted a photo allegedly of her bruised hand and then she claimed Arnold ‘tried to ambush her husband’.

Guess how Tom reacted … not quite an hour later.

Alrighty then.

It would appear entertainment types are more than ready to vouch for Arnold, mainly it seems because Burnett and his wife ‘lie for Trump.’

This all seems totally nuts but what DOESN’T in 2018?

THEN Patton Oswalt posted a photo of himself with Arnold shortly after Burnett’s wife posted her bruised hand (but before Arnold reacted to her):

Brutal angel?

Would a brutal angel use this entire incident to promote his show?

And a dig at Roma in the promo.


Seven degrees of Kevin Bacon IN REAL LIFE!

We’re following this closely, mainly because it’s far more entertaining than anything else Tom Arnold has ever done … we’ll keep ya’ posted.


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