For some reason, our delicate friends on the Left are OUTRAGED that 65 women signed a letter supporting and defending Kavanaugh’s character after Dianne Feinstein’s gross and conveniently timed attack on his person.

They are doing exactly what we knew they would. Even after the letter Feinstein had turned out to be a nothing burger the FBI wouldn’t investigate, the Left and the media took the accusation and ran with it.

Doesn’t matter if it’s true or not.

Look at this nonsense from Jessica Valenti:

It’s absurd that 65 women who knew him signed their names on a statement that says Kavanaugh treated women with respect?


Oh boy, here we go.

We’re pretty sure Jessica didn’t think this one through:

That. ^

With a nameless and faceless victim.



Notice how no one on the Left is talking about timing.

How long ya’ got?

And you think things are stupid NOW.



That’s how.


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