TFW you see a tweet from super-secret sleuth Eric Garland claiming your site is funded by Russians and you can’t stop laughing or looking up how to curse at him in Russian through Google translate.

Look, this editor has never claimed to be overly mature.

Gosh, we do make fun of him here and there (it’s hard not to), but c’mon dude, this is whack even for him.


Huh again?

Eric. Dude. You said something exceptionally stupid about Kanye on Twitter and lots of people who work at several outlets saw it. No conspiracy.

Imagine thinking you’re important enough for Russia to instruct media outlets to make fun of you … like we said, crazy-pants.


Y’all remember when Ron Perlman accused Twitchy of being Russians? Seriously, Eric must be hanging out with him because OMG LOL.

Like we told Ron, every month, Twitchy editors get together usually on a Tuesday night (because there’s not much on TV that night), drink Vodka, eat cookies, and watch Dr. Zhivago. Oh, and then we PLOT about how we can fun of Eric Garland … in Russian.

Maybe we should invite the Federalist folks to come over and hang?

Dude, right?!

Trump Derangement Syndrome is VERY real.

Careful, he’ll accuse you of being a Russian BOT.


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