Poor Dianne Feinstein, she really made a fool of herself this time.

Perhaps she felt the need to compete with Cory Booker’s crazy or Kamala Harris’ willingness to doctor footage … but really all this secret Kavanaugh letter has done is make her look like a desperate fool.

Democrats aren’t doing themselves any favors.

Kimberley Strassel just needed three tweets to take Dianne and her little letter apart.

This has already fallen apart big time, but it’s fun seeing it taken apart in black and white this way.

Because they’re DESPERATE.

Timing is everything.

This is not only a last-ditch attempt to stall the vote until after the midterms, but it’s also campaign fodder for Democrats who are running. They can claim how hard they fought against the evil liar Kavanaugh, and their base will eat it up.

Even if it was the nothing-burger that we’ve seen it to be.



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