Wanna see proof of the bias on Twitter against Conservatives that Jack keeps insisting doesn’t exist?

This tweet has been over for two days, another violent attack on Dana Loesch …

Full transparency, it was this tweet that inspired this editor to put together a support tweet for Dana that ended up with THOUSANDS of people sending Dana their love and support. Sure, this tweet is really gross (and still there), but it’s not that unique if you take a gander at Dana’s timeline at any point on any day.

Some people are just disgusting. *shrug*

James Woods has been very vocal about the bias on Twitter and he came out SWINGING in defense of Dana … look out, Jack.

Let’s see what it takes for Twitter to DO SOMETHING!

Sadly, we wouldn’t hold our breath on this, James, but it’s a valiant effort.

Awww, so it’s the algorithms that are biased, now it all makes sense.


As far as we can tell no action has been taken with ‘Lucy.’


If you look at her bio she seems to think trophy hunters should have their arms cut off.

Seems a tad … aggressive?

That doesn’t mean we stop calling them out.

Get ’em, James.


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