For the last week as the country prepared for Hurricane Florence, the Left has used the possible catastrophic storm as just another talking point to slam the president. Because you know, like Bush, Trump has a weather machine and uses it to hurt minorities and women … or something.

They really believe this crap.

If you’re on Twitter you’ve seen nothing but the politicization of the storm by the same people who politicized Maria. As the storm GREW the narrative got nastier, with the Left claiming the only reason Trump cared about Florence was that it was hitting states full of white people. Again, you can’t make this up.

So it should come as no surprise that our favorite parody account, Sean Spicier, slapped the Left with their own ridiculous talking point about how powerful Trump is when it comes to the weather …


Hey, thanks Trump!

Or some moron will think this parody account is really Sean.

Even with a bunch of Q’s and X’s! Winning!

Looking through Spicier’s timeline there are also tweets about John Kerry …


And another gem about Obama …

Repugs? Gosh, never heard THAT one before.

Curry. Yum.

And hey look, one from just a bit ago about Michael Avenatti …

They try so hard.

Which means we get to keep laughing at them … hard.


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