As Twitchy readers know, the New York Times wrote an incredibly stupid piece about the cost of Nikki Haley’s curtains … which the Obama administration actually picked out and paid for. But hey, it’s fun to blame Nikki Haley for that gross expense so in true NYT fashion that’s exactly what they did.

And Rep. Ted Lieu is FURIOUS about it, so furious in fact he wants an investigation into those curtains.


Oh, California. Never change.


Hey man, we agree.

Go after Obama for those curtains. DO IT. We dare you.

Drag them!

Quiet you, they have a new outrage today … and that’s #CurtainGate!

What a stupid time to be alive.

Poor Ted.


It. Was. In. The. New York Times. Article.

Which tells us Ted only reads headlines.

Color us shocked.

And speaking of people who only read headlines:

Obama must pay!

Puppies and kittens, duh.

You know, what we can’t even.


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