It would appear the Left has moved their focus from claiming Kavanaugh will literally KILL ALL THE WOMEN to his totally supporting those performing elective surgery on people with disabilities without their consent.

Look at this nonsense.

So let’s recap, shall we? According to our friends on the Left, Kavanaugh will literally kill everyone because he understands Obamacare isn’t Constitutional, then he’ll literally kill all women again even though he’s said Roe is settled law, and NOW he’s supporting evil elective surgery on people with disabilities without their consent.


When the Left goes to smear someone they don’t play.

This is truly disgusting.


Gosh, who’da thunk?

The Left always seems to conveniently leave out these little tidbits.

That. ^

Of course, the video had the ‘impact’ NowThis was looking for … look at this crazy.



We. Can’t. Even.

We’ve gotta give the Left this much, they are EXPERTS at deliberately misinforming and terrifying their base.

The stupid, it burns.

From Snopes:

The meme presented an over-simplified representation of a complicated legal case and misstated Kavanaugh’s role in it.

In 2007, Kavanaugh was part of a three-judge panel that overturned a district court injunction blocking Washington, D.C.’s Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities Administration (MRDDA) from authorizing elective medical procedures on patients who were certified to be intellectually incapacitated without first making a documented effort to ascertain those patients’ wishes. (The agency’s name has since been changed to Department of Disability Services.)



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