It would appear ThinkProgress editor, Judd Legum, just can’t DEAL with the fact that Facebook used The Weekly Standard to fact-check a story from his outlet. He’s STILL going on about it days later, this time accusing the ‘right-wing magazine’ of having a history of pushing misinformation.

Among other things.

Don’t make that face, we didn’t write it.


The Weekly Standard, a right-wing magazine with a long history of pushing false and misleading claims, has been anointed by Facebook as an official fact checker. The designation gives the outlet extraordinary powers to severely limit the distribution of any article on Facebook it deems “false.”

What could go wrong?

Facebook approved The Weekly Standard, which had virtually no track record of independent fact-checking, after a pressure campaign from right-wing publishers.

I spoke to the independent evaluator who reviewed the Weekly Standard’s nascent fact check program to determine if it was qualified. He told me that he concluded that the conservative magazine was not yet ready for the job.

See? Sheesh dude, you guys were just fact-checked. It’s not the end of the world.

Time to move on.

Did we mention he wrote a thread on this?

Yes, it’s the ‘right-wing’ that went nuts.


Or you know, present unbiased fact-checking.

Judd is SO MAD.


It’s all a plot!

Welcome to social media, Judd.

Ain’t it fun?

Garble argle RAR!

Womp womp, Judd.


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