That moment when you see an elected official excuse the horrible, gross, and threatening behavior his GOP colleagues are being targeted with because they will likely vote to confirm Kavanaugh.


Senator Chris Coons of Delaware was on with Chuck Todd, and when he was asked about the harassment senators like Susan Collins and her staff have received he excused it because, in his little mind, he seems to think the people doing the harassing are actually the victims.

Or something.


OMG NO NOT THAT! A SCOTUS judge who will adhere to the Constitution?!

Hey, at least he admitted a lot of this hate and ridiculousness is because it’s Trump who nominated Kavanaugh, not the judge himself.

BTW, harassment is never justified, Chris. That’s why it’s called HARASSMENT.


And yup.

It’s pretty gross and you know if the tables were turned and people were threatening Democrats it would be all about the HATE SPEECH.


Oh, man, THAT was funny.

Ultimately that’s what it boils down to.

By any means necessary.


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