Jimmy Fallon is a coward.

And water is wet.

But c’mon, canceling Norm MacDonald’s appearance on his show because of comments Norm made about his own friends?

Rob Schneider’s tweet to Jimmy is pretty damn good:




Yes. Yes, we do.

Norm is absolutely hilarious – huge mistake there, Jimmy.

Austin here is a standup comedian and his point is valid.

It’s really at the center of this whole debacle, Jimmy is no longer one of them.

Norm is.

No better marketing than some sap virtue signaling on steroids.

Then, of course, the Resistance with ZERO sense of humor showed up and poopooed the entire thread.


Sigh. Siiiiiiigh.

Says the guy commenting on Rob’s tweet.


That. ^

Ultimately Rob summed things up nicely:

‘He’s NOT the Messiah, he’s a naughty, naughty boy’!

Gold star for the Python reference.

Editor’s note: Ok, this editor wrote before coffee and had the wrong Jimmy. Corrected. 🙂


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