Earlier this week, Facebook used The Weekly Standard to ‘fact-check’ a ThinkProgress piece on Kavanaugh … and you’d have thought the world was ending. Hey, outlets make mistakes, we all do.

Trust this editor, we do.

And sorry not sorry Leftist rags, you too can make mistakes, and there’s nothing wrong with Facebook using a conservative resource to make decisions about what is fake and what it real. You know when even Slate is admitting there is a Liberal bias out there that it’s painfully OBVIOUS.

Yeah, Slate.


We had the same reaction.

From Slate:

So the Standard’s fact check is correct. By itself, that’s a small point. But ThinkProgress and its allies have made the dispute into something much bigger. By attacking the fact check as biased on the grounds that a conservative magazine published it, they’ve proved the opposite of what they intended. They’ve confirmed that the press is full of left-leaning journalists who sometimes can’t see or acknowledge congenial falsehoods, and they’ve demonstrated how these journalists unite, when challenged, in a tribal chorus to accuse conservatives of trying to “censor” them. In sum, they’ve demonstrated why we need conservative journalists to help check facts.

ThinkProgress does excellent fact-checking of lies on the right. In these cases, it applies the sensible rule that if a person didn’t say something, you can’t accuse him of saying it. Over the years, ThinkProgress has invoked this rule in defense of Barack Obama, Joe Biden, James Comey, and James Clapper, among others. But when the same rule is applied to ThinkProgress, it accuses the fact-checker of ideological hackery. And it calls for the Standard to be removed from Facebook’s panel of approved fact-checking organizations, even though other organizations on the panel, in assessing the Kavanaugh hearings, have applied the same rule.


Surely it’s frozen over.

Yup, we had to look twice for the blue check on Slate’s account but it’s really them.



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