Poor Andrea Mitchell.

She really thought she could interview FEMA and use it to politicize disaster relief. Hey, it’s one thing to bring another Leftist talking head on who you know will agree that everything is Trump’s fault, it’s quite another to assume you can talk smack about the federal govt. with someone who actually knows what happened.

Talk about ego.


Get her.

From NewsBusters:

Andrea Mitchell on Wednesday unsurprisingly attempted to politicize disaster relief, lecturing the FEMA administrator about responsibility for infrastructure. She even went back to Hurricane Katrina as an example. To her annoyance, FEMA’s Brock Long corrected her on the facts.

Mitchell lectured Long: “But the fact is, just after Katrina, there was terrible infrastructure in parts of New Orleans. That is a federal responsibility. These are American citizens.” The FEMA administrator shot back: “No, you are actually wrong on that. It’s not a federal responsibility to upkeep the infrastructure. Actually, most of the infrastructure” is “owned by the private sector.”

*sad trombone*

Hey, that works!


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