Since Trump won the presidency, several people on the Left have been telling any Republican who may not be thrilled with Trump to vote for Democrats.

Heck, even some so-called Conservatives have claimed the best way to help the party is to vote for Liberals (yeah, right), and it’s tweets like Ian Millhiser’s about Ben Sasse that remind us why that’s a really stupid idea.

Alrighty then.

This crap RIGHT HERE is why Trump won.

The notion that there are people who deliberately vote to hurt vulnerable people is so backasswards and silly … so of course, it’s a talking point for our pal Ian.

Crueler than Trump.

Lunatic sums that up nicely.

There is no pleasing Democrats, folks. Unless you’re willing to completely fall in step with their agenda and their narrative even if you agree with them a little, it’s not good enough.

And it never will be.


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