Broadway is a lot like Hollywood these days, always keeping it classy.

See for yourself.

From The Hill:

Veteran Broadway actress Carole Cook referenced Abraham Lincoln’s assassin while responding to a question about President Trump, asking: “Where is John Wilkes Booth when you need him?”

“Now will that get me in trouble?” Cook, 94, added during a Sunday interview with TMZ.

The remark came after the entertainment news site asked Cook — who starred in “42nd Street” and “Hello, Dolly!” on Broadway — about a “Frozen” actor ripping a pro-Trump flag from an audience member’s hands during a curtain call last week.

“He killed presidents,” Cook’s husband, standing alongside her, said of Booth.

“Don’t say that,” Cook shot back. “They’ll get me for that.”

Umm … but she did say it. Did she not realize what Booth did when she made her gross comment?

And what does she mean by ‘they’ll get me (her) for that’?

The egos on these folks. *eye roll*

Fair point.

And sadly she probably doesn’t appreciate it much.

Ya’ think?


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