This reminds us of when Kamala Harris and others knowingly pushed an edited video to prove Kavanaugh will somehow magically make abortion illegal in this country. It’s truly become laughable, the claims they’ve made about this man without an actual shred of evidence.

For example, Kamala (and the yahoo who wrote the piece for WaPo) are assuming since Kavanaugh didn’t voice his opinion on gay marriage means he’s against it … or something.

Kavanaugh kicks puppies and kittens. Yup.

These people.

From the Washington Post:

This past summer, the Human Rights Campaign launched a “Stop Kavanaugh” video hoping to encourage Americans to express their disapproval of the judge. The organization released a statement saying that “his record is clear: Brett Kavanaugh poses a direct threat to LGBTQ equality, reproductive rights, affordable health care, immigrants’ rights, workers’ rights and so much more.”

But for some, Kavanaugh’s record is not clear, as he had not commented on every ruling related to LGBT issues — and, perhaps more relevant, every decision coming out of the Trump administration impacting LGBT Americans.

Forget that Trump was the first president to enter the White House being pro-gay marriage and they don’t actually KNOW Kavanaugh’s opinions on the matter … Kamala really is desperate. And shameless.

Very clear.


What he said.

She knew this was nonsense, but she also knew how her ‘base’ would react. Look at this mess:


Holy crap.


Another lie perpetuated by the Left and supported by their good friends in the media.


No more nuts than it is to believe Kavanaugh will magically do away with gay marriage.

*eye roll*


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