When you think about it, Robert O’Rourke isn’t quite as ‘sex-ay’ as Beto O’Rourke.

It also doesn’t sound quite as ethnic. Hey, it’s the truth.

A guy named Rob could be just another old white dude, ya’ know? But Beto, he could be anything … except he’s really Rob. And has been his whole life but when you’re a Democrat your identity and how it can be used to pander for votes if far more important than your ideas and policies.

From Freebeacon:

When Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s 2018 Democratic opponent ran for city council in El Paso, Texas and then for Congress in a heavily-Hispanic district, he was Beto.

When he was captain of the crew team at a prestigious Ivy League university a decade earlier, he was Rob.

The Irish-American O’Rourke has long explained that “Beto,” the Hispanic nickname for his given name Robert, was a nickname

given to him in infancy that “stuck.”

“My parents have called me Beto from day one,” he told CNN after Cruz released an ad attacking his adopted name, “and it’s just — it’s kind of a nickname for Robert in El Paso. It just stuck.”

Uh huh.


Dana Loesch came up with the perfect nickname, we really hope it sticks.

It’s almost as catchy as Beto.

What she said.


If this is a nice way of calling him a phony, we agree.

Doesn’t look quite as hip on a bumper sticker.


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