Months ago, Rep. Eric Swalwell went on Tucker Carlson’s show to discuss gun control, and during the ‘interview,’ Eric got so upset that he started rocking back and forth. It was hilarious and understandably embarrassing for the California legislator (we still laugh thinking about it), so we sort of get what he was trying to do here by tweeting this short snippet of another interview with Tucker but yeah …

It didn’t go well for him.

Although he seems to think it did.


It seriously looks like he’s going to start crying at any moment, right? Props for no rocking back and forth THIS time.

Sadly if this is the portion he’s tweeting and it’s not all that great, you know the full interview didn’t go so hot for him.

Take a gander:

You can tell he’s incredibly nervous and Tucker is having a hard time not just laughing hysterically at the guy.

So we laughed for him.

Yeah, Democrats, you should all let Tucker Carlson make you cry on Fox News.

The Right loves seeing you make fools of yourselves and reminding us all why we don’t vote for you. Thanks!

Hey, at least he’s consistent about THIS, right?


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