Cory Booker had SOME week, right?

And by that we mean he had some week making a total jackass out of himself in front of the country … heck, the world. It takes a lot of stupid to pretend you’re doing something meaningful at your own risk only to be found out mere moments later that there never really was a risk. Add in calling yourself Spartacus and yeah, that’s ‘some week’.

James Woods summed Cory up perfectly in just four little words.



Keep in mind, Jame has worked in Hollywood for decades and if anyone KNOWS strange, it’s him.

Reactions to this tweet are pretty damn hilarious as well:


It’s all in the eyes.

Yuuuummm … Snickers.


We didn’t say it.

We laughed at it and we used it in this article but we didn’t say it.

Hey, they have a point.

Tough competition.

See, the eyes again!

And curtain.


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