You remember David Hogg, right?

We know, when his 15 minutes were up about a month or so ago we thought for sure he would fade away with the other people the Left has exploited and used over the years for their own agenda because that’s just what they do. Promote and prop folks up while they’re convenient to their narrative and then drop them like a rock when it’s time to move on to the next ‘crisis’ they need to protect Americans from.

Paging Cindy Sheehan.

You’ve gotta give David some credit for trying to remain relevant even if he’s tweeting things that completely contradict his original anti-gun talking points, like this:

David really should have stayed in school.



If David had been paying attention in school he’d have learned (hopefully) that the founders wrote the Second Amendment to make sure the people could protect and defend themselves from an overreaching federal government. It was never about hunting or muskets or any of the other silly arguments gun-grabbers have come up with over the years … it was to fight against authoritarianism if need be.

Hey, thanks for making the argument for us, Dave.



Dude, baby steps.



We told him.


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