Far too many people who benefit from living in an evil capitalist country sure like to pretend socialism is a good thing.

Kids these days.

You know how you pinch the bridge of your nose, close your eyes, and sigh when you read something really silly on Twitter?

Yup, just did that.

It was so perfect in fact it got the attention of Raw Story Sr. Editor, Martin Cizmar.

‘They’ took it.

Dude, yikes.

What the absolute frig?


Awww here we go. Tell us more about how horrible the country is that has given you everything you have.

We’ll wait.

Yes Martin.

We hee-hawed.



Nick Pappas is the bomb-diggity, just sayin’:

Poor Martin, he’s trying so hard.


Conflict? Sure.



But wait, there’s more.

Ooh ooh, we know!

Won the game with weird rules? Wha?

We’re still waiting for Hillary to blame James Madison for her loss.


Something like that.

*looks to Eric’s pinned tweet*

Nailed it.


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