Now that the Kavanaugh hearings are over (thank the MAKER), Democrats are finally starting to see the reality of Kavanaugh being confirmed SO they’re desperately trying to move from painting him as some sort of evil old white guy who will force women to have babies to a liar.

They can’t ‘beat’ Kavanaugh with facts or by the process (atta boy Harry Reid!) so they’re doing everything they can to destroy the man as a person. Which tells you just how horrible the Left has become. When even Resistance fave Benjamin Wittes comes out to defend Kavanaugh you know the Left may have gone too far this time.

Dunno Wittes? Welp, he’s a good friend of James Comey, was talking about going on MSNBC right before he wrote this thread, and he bragged about donating money to Peter Strzok. So if he says Kavanaugh’s not a liar?

Take a look:

We actually covered one of David’s threads a couple of days ago, they are exceptional.



Double nope.

Cue the freakout.


What he said.

Props, Ben.

Guess how well THIS went over (hint, take cover!):


An emotional bunch, ain’t they?

Sheesh. See what we mean?

Ben had to know his ‘people’ would lose their shiznit if he wrote this thread and yet he still did it, which took brass cojones.

Well done.


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