Ted Cruz said what we’ve all been thinking when it comes to Cory Booker and Kamala Harris’ behavior over the past week during the Kavanaugh hearing. They’re campaigning, not legislating. Both of them want to run in 2020, so in a way, they’re already competing against one another.

‘Look at me I’m Spartacus!’

‘NO NO, look at me! Rachel Maddow loves me. I’M Spartacus’

Meanwhile, senators who are actually there to do their jobs spend a lot of time shaking their heads while pointing and laughing at both Democratic presidential hopefuls.

Ted is treating both Cory and Kamala like the junior senators they are.

It’s hilarious.

And every time Ted speaks, the Left freaks.

Almost as much as Trump.

Weasel says what?


Actually, he’s running for senator. Of Texas.

You’ve heard of it, right?


Hey, whatever helps these people sleep at night.


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